By manufacturing excellent products,Prayaas has carved out a niche for itself in the domestic as well as in the international market. All the products are manufactured with utmost precision to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Quality products bear the identity of a company. They are the reflections of the expertise that the company possesses. Keeping pace with the needs of the customers the company continuously improves its products to maintain its distinguished position.

The following design parameters are considered in detail before manufacturing of Prayaas switchboards.

  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Serviceablity
  • Asthetic Appeal
  • Customer Specific Adaptibility
Draw out MCC Panel

Draw out MCC Panel

Extensively used in continuous process plants, the Drawout MCC Enclosures also known as (Drawout Module, Drawout Trolley, With drawable Module, With drawable Trolley, With drawable MCC) offered by us ensures minimal downtime. The 50 kA short circuit tested appliance can be used for switchgear assembly & wiring. Our product helps in increasing the efficiency and remarkably reducing the downtime.

We provide the following options to our clients :

  • Owing to the modular construction facility, the product helps in increasing the capability of future expansions. The motor control center (MCC) is of industry standards that caters to the needs of various sectors.
  • The product is appreciated for its reliability, sturdy yet compact designs by clients throughout the nation. We ensure that the appliance is easy to maintain and requires less power.
  • Our product caters to the diversified requirements of various industries and sectors.
  • In order to ensure full-proof control and continuous flow of power, our clients can opt for our product range. Easy to use and reliable, the product range is widely demanded by industries like fertilizer, petrochemical, cement, oil refineries, chemical plants, steel plants, power stations, material handling plants & other continuous process plants.
  • In every modern industry, reliable electrical systems are a must to reduce the production downtime & improve efficiency.
  • Motor control center (MCC) is of standard design, being designed to meet the growing needs of modern industry with maximum operational reliability & safety. Its modular construction facilitates ease of future expansion & changes at site
  • Is sturdy, compact & highly versatile, whilst providing adequate space for ease of operation & maintenance.
  • Satisfies all the stringent technical requirements & is thereby suited to meet diverse requirement under extreme ambient site conditions. It is specially designed to incorporate the complete range of switchgear of Siemens, LET, Schneider, GE, ABB etc.
  • Provides full-proof control for motors installed in various process industries viz, fertilizer, petrochemical, cement, oil refineries, chemical plants, steel plants, power stations, material handling systems & other continuous process plants, wherein the continuous flow of power without the slightest break is a must.
  • It is available in single front & space saving double front design. As a part of our research initiative we have recently launched versions of the MCC using aluminum bus bars in the vertical bay as against the traditional copper bus bars. Another new development incorporates vertical bus-bars rated up-to 1000A per vertical bus against the previous standard of 600A.
  • Enclosures are fabricated using the finest materials and come complete with all related electrical draw out accessories including power plug-in contacts & auxiliary sliding contacts.
  • All that is left for you to do is just the switchgear mounting ET wiring and you have a totally complete draw out panel.
Drawout Panel Accessories

Spring-loaded, tin/silver plated main power contacts are provided for both the incoming as well as outgoing side main circuit connections.

Drawout Panel Accessories/ Withdrawable panel accessories are in direct contact with the vertical bus-bars. The power contacts are available in ratings from 63A up-to 400A. Th Power contacts are tested fro mill-volt drop & temperature rise at C.P.R.I. Laboratories. Sunesons has recently developed a new set of main power contacts with a swiveling rear link, which makes it convenient for use in power feeders that have bus bar connections to be made between the pore contact & the switchgear. These contacts are available in a ratings of 100A to 630A.

Auxiliary Control Terminals

We are offering wide range of Auxiliary Control Terminals to our clients and the keys to our success are price competitive products & solutions, prompt delivery and friendly professional service. our commitment to design, coupled with advances in manufacturing technology provides customers a greater range of options in the choice of goods and services available For more information kindly contact us.