Prayaas Auomtion provides you with the finest and most comprehensive range of services , to take care of Your system with our experience and expertise. We optimize your system and ensure maximum efficiency by reducing down time .

On opting for a Service Solution from Prayaas You avail of the following unbeatable advantages :

  • Complete Designing, Engineering and manufacturing of LV switchboard like power control Centre (PCC), air insulated BUSDUCT (AL/CU), Power Distribution Board, Draw out/Non-draw out motor control (MCC) , Control Desk, Junction Box, Main lighting distributer board (MLDB) auto power factor controller (APFC) etc.
  • Supply and Development of process automation by integrated developed programmable logic controller (PLC) VVVF drive, Thyristor controlled DC drive, soft-starter and different field instrument.
  • Electrical and mechanical retrofitting/ reconditioning of machine tool by CNC/PLC/Servo motor drive, Bell screw etc.
  • Mid size electrical turnkey project, in combination of design engineering supply installation & testing commissioning of HT outdoor / indoor switchyard, LT board- Busduct installation, Automation and instrumentation etc.
  • Dedicated team for annual maintenance contract (AMC) after sale service for automation range of product as well as all our supplied item.
  • Retrofitting of OIL circuit breaker by new range of microprocessor based air circuit breaker (ACB) / molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) in same / extended compartment on emergency shutdown period.


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Scope of Work

  • Trained Personel : Our engineers and technicians are intensively trained to handle hightech Electrics supplied by us.
  • Priority Service : All Customer who opt for our AMC are offered Priority service , so that Your call get attended quicker and the system is up faster.
  • Preventive Checks : Under all service solutions , we offer Preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early , preventing costly downtime.
  • Genuine Spares : By opting for our service , You are assured of genuine spares that will increase your system life longer.
  • Dedicated service office : We have services offices in different places with engineer to provide faster service.